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Dr. Amy Freeth - Unleashed

I am reflecting back on my medical school graduation ceremony. One particular moment stands out in my mind and is relevant to today. Our guest speaker was astronaut Story Musgrave and I remember his departing words... "My wish for you is not that you climb to the top of your mountain, but that when you do, you find in front of you another mountain."

As inspiring as I am sure he wanted to be, at the time I was less than thrilled at that thought of another mountain, but looking back over my life this has been my experience. Some an easy climb, some terrifyingly steep and others a leisurely knoll.

As I launch my new business, I launch another climb up my next mountain into the unknown and uncertainty; paired with this undeniable faith, intense curiosity and deep desire to serve. Time to change all the rules, magnify peace and freedom, love deeply, and unleash our limitless potential.

For those of you that know me and those who don't, I have been a Endocrinologist (doctor who specializes in hormonal systems and diabetes) for over a decade. My journey to date has taken me to a deep understanding of biological systems and how our body works and flows and how to help when it doesn't; studying nutritional theory; a deep understanding of healing and the opportunity to dive deep in to brain science & developing skills in shifting consciousness. At the same time the environment around me has changed such that the very integrity and foundation of medicine as I know it and all that I know it could be, is sadly getting lost.

I'd like to open another door , time to stop playing small and to give the fullness of my offerings in mind, body, emotional and soul medicine. Its time to magnify being a doctor and broaden my service. I offer you a real and raw way of being, I offer you more peace and truth, I offer you optimal health and well-being and I offer you an opportunity to climb this next mountain with me as we claim what is naturally ours.

May you always walk in the beauty of you - Dr. Amy Freeth